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Can I give my pet alkaline water for preventive purposes?

Your pet will benefit greatly from drinking alkaline water as a preventive measure. Sooner or later every animal will acidify with all its consequences. De-acidifying on a daily basis to prevent acidic waste accumulations still remains the most effective! Prevention is therefore better than waiting until the animal is acidified.

Can my pet taste or smell the pHpets® drops?

pHpets®​ drops are tasteless, colourless and odorless. Your pet will not notice the drops in its drinking water.

Why not dissolve baking soda in water to drink?

It is best not to dissolve baking soda in water, because your stomach will convert it into water (H2O), carbon dioxide (CO2) and sodium chloride (NaCl). The salt formation can increase the blood pressure. Alka® products have been developed to counteract this undesirable effect.

How long does it take before I receive my order?

All orders made between Monday to Friday before 16:00 will normally be sent on the same day. This does not apply if you choose the ‘prepaid’ payment option. In this case, the order will be sent on the day that the payment is credited to our account.

Are the prices including VAT?

Yes, all the prices on the website of pHpets® are including VAT.