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What animals are pHpets® Drops suitable for?

pHpets® drops are made specifically for dogs, cats, rabbits and rodents. pHpets® drops can also be safely used for a large number of other animal species. The pHpets® drops are not suitable for fish and birds. If you want to know whether pHpets® drops are suitable for your pet, you can contact our customer service.

Can I also give my pets pure/undiluted drops?

No, never give your pet undiluted drops! pHpets® is very strongly alkaline (pH 13.5), so that the drinking water of your pet receives the desired pH value after you add the drops. This means the drops are much too strong to consume undiluted. Undiluted drops can lead to things like a strong burning sensation for your animal.

Can the drops also be added to the food?

No, the deacidifying effect only occurs by drinking alkaline water.
So the drops need to be added to the drinking water.

Are the pHpets® drops safe for my animal?

When adding the drops you will make the drinking water for your animal alkaline. In both studies and practice it has been proven that drinking alkaline water is safe for your animal and has many positive effects on the animal's health. Scientific research has even shown that the life expectancy of animals is increased by drinking alkaline water!

Do I have to use mineral water or tap water for pHpets® Drops?

Mineral water is often more acidic than tap water. If you use mineral water you should add more pHpets® Drops to the water to raise the pH value to the desired value (9 - 10). We therefore recommend using tap water.